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Upper endoscopic examination (gastroscopy)


  • The upper endoscopic examination is the only method for examination and treatment of digestive organs that helps to examine oesophagus, stomach and duodenum "from inside", and to perform various diagnostic and therapeutic activities inside these organs, if necessary. 
  • The upper endoscopic examination is the most precise method for early diagnostics and treatment of digestive system inflammations, ulcers and tumours.
  • During the upper endoscopic examination, the physician inserts into the digestive system a high-quality optical instrument through the mouth of a patient, and has a detailed view of the inside of oeasophagus, stomach and duodenum, and evaluates it.
  • With the help of the last generation endoscopes, it is possible to document the entire endoscopy picture on the video-tape, and to store or transfer it electronically by any modern image-processing technology.
  • At present, the upper endoscopic examination is a safe and harmless procedure for a patient, if performed by an experienced and trained physician with a modern instrument. In order to perform the upper endoscopic examination in a wholesome manner, the patient is not allowed to eat, take oral medications for at least six hours prior to the examination, and to drink anything for at least two hours prior to the examination.
  • To improve the quality of the endoscopic examination and to prevent discomfort, physician may use special medications during the endoscopic examination that are generally sprayed in the patient’s throat and/or injected into the vein. Some medications may cause somnolence and reduce the reaction rate for several hours. In such a case, patients are warned about this fact before the endoscopic examination; and one should note that driving should be avoided for at least 12 hours following the endoscopic examination.
  • During the endoscopic examination, several other procedures like removal of polyps, foreign bodies (swallowed button or coin) can be performed without any special preparation.
  • Commonly, diagnostic endoscopic examination lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. The total time spent at the medical institution will be about 1 to 1.5 hours.

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