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Gastroenterology Clinic - Gastroenterologist in Riga, Latvia

As the largest gastroenterological center in Latvia, Digestive Diseases Centre GASTRO offers a full spectrum of services — from diagnostic and detection to treatment of digestive tract diseases — and has been operating for more than 15 years.

GASTRO offers patients comprehensive digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, gut, bile duct, pancreas, and liver) examinations (CHECK-UP). We also offer consultations with certified doctors who offer precise, broad spectrum, functional diagnostics, as well as effective treatment — some requiring a short visit and others involving up to a day, as well as return visits, to our full day treatment facility. Our specialists perform colonoscopies and other endoscopies, using anesthesia, as well as modern patient care methods and a full spectrum of medical manipulations. Treatment results may be recorded, stored and transmitted digitally, if necessary. Patients wishing to receive recorded endoscopy should contact the Registry office two days before the procedure.

Our highest goal: Through professionalism and modern technologies we strive to secure the comfort of every patient.

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